Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skoop?

What is the difference between the tiers?

How do I get Skoop Signage on my screen?

What screen types do you support?

How do I suggest to features, improvement?

What happens if my screen loses an internet connection?

How can I refresh my screens?

How do I add a screen to my account?

How do I create folders?

How do I add a user?

How do I add credit card on my account?

How do I view my billing history?

How do I begin creating designs for my signage?

What is the best size for my content?

What file types does Skoop support?

What colors are best for my designs?

What is the best way to create compelling signs for Billboards and other advertising screens?

How do I setup Skoop on an Amazon Fire TV?

What TV can I use? Do I need a smart TV?

How does the Ads feature work?

Can Skoop do programmatic advertising?


Video Tutorials

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Adding a screen

How to add a screen via the Skoop portal.

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Create a playlist

Learn how to build a playlist for one or multiple screens.

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SKOOP Signage Schedule content...

Learn how to schedule content in advance.

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