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Digital Backpack

$ 1,999.00 

Cutting-edge accessory that combines style, functionality, and advertising in a unique way.


This futuristic backpack boasts a built-in high-resolution digital screen, turning your everyday bag into a captivating advertising platform on the go. The Digital Backpack allows individuals or businesses to display dynamic and eye-catching advertisements, promotional content, or any other visual media with ease. Equipped with advanced technology, the backpack seamlessly integrates with a user-friendly control panel, enabling effortless customization and scheduling of displayed content. Featuring a vibrant and vivid display, the backpack grabs attention wherever you take it.

Showcase stunning graphics, videos, and animations, ensuring that your message stands out in any crowd or environment. Whether you're strolling through a bustling city, attending events, or simply walking down the street, the backpack's digital screen acts as a captivating billboard that can't be missed.


Display Type
LCD Resolution 1920 x 1080 (60HZ)


1,000 nits

Screen Height 18.77 inches (476.6 mm) Screen Width 10.56 inches (268.11 mm)

Accepted file types