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SKOOP integrates with Novastar

September 13, 2021

Stores Keep Getting Better

Numerous functionality and UI/UX improvements have been made to all SKOOP stores. These updates are designed to make it easier for your advertising clients to build and launch their campaigns through your website. Don’t have a website yet?

Improved Campaign Approval

These new improvements mean you’ve got the power! We made this feature much cleaner. The new advancements give you more insights before you approve or deny campaigns.

Improved campaign approval from your SKOOP Signage account
SKOOP x Novastar

You asked, and we listened! The SKOOP Signage Platform is now integrated with Novastar. If your screens are using any of the Novastar media players, SKOOP can now be integrated for the ultimate signage experience.

SKOOP integrates with Novastar where simplicity meets power
Add Multiple Users to Your Account

No need to share your passwords. Now you can add another user to your account!

Allow multiple users to access your SKOOP signage portal
You’ve Got Mail!

We implemented new updates to our automated email and notification services, so you never miss a beat. Expect exciting emails to notify you when important activity happens on your account. Notification preferences can be modified from your SKOOP Signage portal.

Get notified by email from your SKOOP Signage portal

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