Integrate Cannabis Softwares with SKOOP

June 30, 2021

Cannabis Menu Integrations – Live Updates

Hey there cannabis retail owners, SKOOP Signage can integrate with your store menu and point of sale software. We integrate with Flowhub, MJ Freeway, and many more for seamless live menu updates. Interested?

SKOOP integrates with cannabis menu platforms
We’ve Got Folders!

Keep your screens organized with our new folders feature. Separate screens into groups of your choosing.

Folder Organization for digital networks
Proof of Play Reports

Track Ad campaign performance in real time with proof of play. Check it out on SKOOP Signage in the campaign section. Dont have an account?

SKOOP allows advertisers to track campaign performance
Schedule Content

Get ahead of the game and schedule content to play in the future. Set dates and times that you would like your content to play. Once scheduled, sit back and relax!

Focus on growing your business' success by scheduling content on your screen platforms ahead of time.
More Updates
  • Portrait Mode: Improvements made to vertical screen mode.
  • Automatic Aspect Ratio: The first screen added to a playlist will set the automatic aspect ratio for all following screens.
  • Playlist Page Makeover: The playlist page has been re-designed for easier navigation. Effortlessly add content to your playlists including images, GIFs , URLs, and now menus! Caching has been improved for instantaneous uploading.

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