How Digital Signage is Revolutionizing the Cannabis Retail Space: Quality Roots Case Study

Adopting digital signage has been the key to increasing in-store sales for several small business categories across the U.S. Recent studies have shown that digital signage has helped increase retail sales by up to 29.5%. This is because digital signs have wide-ranging impact, they;

  1. Improve the in store customer experience.
  2. Facilitate quicker and more informed shopping decisions.
  3. Cut printing costs for store owners/operators.
  4. Open up new revenue streams via promotions and ads

Digital signage has proved to be especially beneficial for cannabis dispensaries. Automated digital signage reduces impact on budtenders by providing  education throughout the dispensary. This can speed up the shopping process while decreasing the reliance on labor. In addition, dispensaries can use screens to efficiently move critical inventory or as an incentive opportunity for vendors.

These are only a few ways in which cloud-based digital signage has been helping cannabis businesses drive retail sales and market themselves to their customers better. Several key players currently occupy the space in the market. Of these, Skoop is the only one with specially curated digital signage for cannabis businesses. Here’s how we’re helping cannabis businesses sell more and sell better.

How Skoop is disrupting the cannabis retail space

At Skoop Digital, we build and curate specially tailored products to drive sales in cannabis dispensaries.

In-store digital signage

Our automated in-store signage allows employees to set playlists where selected ads, menus or information screens are displayed regularly without human intervention. This gives them the time to spend more time on the floor and assist customers much better. Skoop Signage works with just about every screen type and size you can imagine.

Menu boards and product information displays

Digital menu boards and product information displays assist customers in making critical purchase decisions independently. Cannabis consumers like to know essential information like product information and potency before actually buying it. Product information displays help them learn all these facts without having to go through the trouble of approaching an in-store employee. Unique features like instant POS integration further ensure that all inventory changes are reflected on menu boards and always remain up to date.

Further, efficient stocking is essential to customer satisfaction in weed dispensaries. Our PoS-integrated digital menus help dispensaries to track inventory levels in real-time, ensuring that products are always in stock and available for purchase. This helps to prevent customer frustration due to out-of-stock items and reduces the need for manual inventory management.

Point-of-Purchase signage

Signage at point of purchase has proven to increase sales. By combining a point-of-sale (POS) system with digital signage, we help businesses create targeted and engaging content that displays at the right time and in the right place for the right user. Our POS-integrated digital signs display real-time product information, promotions, and offers, which can help the customer make the right decisions when checking out.

In-store advertising and promotions

Skoop Signage includes our proprietary ad server that can be used for both in-store promotions and as an revenue-generating advertising channel. If utilized, cannabis businesses receive custom performance reports and ad-play invoices with proof of play that can be sent directly to ad publishers and vendors. This helps firms effectively monetize their ad space and generate revenue without hassle.

Benefits of using Skoop Signage in the cannabis retail space

The advanced automation and customization abilities of Skoop Signage makes it a highly beneficial asset for cannabis businesses. We help local cannabis dispensaries,

  • Improve their in-store customer experience through sleek and highly-informative digital signage.
  • Significantly increase retail sales and customer engagement through optimized digital signage.
  • Improve information dissemination through engaging and lucid product information displays.
  • Enhance their brand image and recognition by crafting custom shopping experiences through comprehensive in-store signage.
  • Generate more revenue by partnering with cannabis vendors and advertisers to monetize in-store space effectively.

How Quality Roots uses Skoop Signage to save $5000 per month


Skoop has been working with Michigan-based cannabis dispensary operators Quality Roots. Over the past 4 years of working together they have expanded to 5+ stores with each store hosting 5-10 screens. The partnership is a great example of the how digital signage can transform the retail cannabis spaces.

While the cannabis retail market size is estimated at $22.6bn, it remains a nascent market in the U.S. The rapid legalization of recreational cannabis products across the country has resulted in several emerging trends (like digital signage) that small businesses can benefit from. As Quality Roots COO Jonathan Klar puts it, “Digital signage is the only way to keep up with the pace of change in inventory, products, and promotions.” He further emphasizes the importance of capitalizing on emerging trends by saying, “Trend management is critical in the dispensary business. You want your products that benefit the business on the screens.”

One of the most direct impacts of Skoop on Quality Roots’ business has been a measurable increase in their net revenue. Skoop Signage has effectively allowed Quality Roots to capitalize on overlooked in-store spaces. Klar explains this by saying, “With just 5 Skoop screens in a store, we are generating $3,000-$5,000 of invoice savings by offering screen time to vendors in exchange for discounts on products.”

Another critical function Skoop serves for Quality Roots is helping it engage in-store customers for extended periods. The average customer only spends between 4-9 minutes in a Quality Roots dispensary, which is why Skoop Signage is crucial to the business. It helps Quality Roots keep customers in their dispensaries for longer and influences them into making critical purchasing decisions. On top of that effective screen management has led to an increase in repeat visits, positive reviews and referrals.

How Skoop Digital can help you grow your business

Incorporating Skoop in all their dispensaries has helped Quality Roots scale to 9 locations within Michigan and establish a formidable brand presence. Its success story is simply one of many in the cannabis retail space that Skoop Digital has helped draft. Digital signage is quickly becoming an indispensable asset that is assisting retail businesses to give their marketing efforts a new edge. It is an efficient modern solution that enables companies to make more revenue and effectively monetize brick-and-mortar spaces. Skoop’s completely customizable digital signage products come with cutting-edge features like PoS integration. We work to help retail cannabis businesses realize their full potential, one sign at a time.

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